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Team Decision Making Events

Business Law and Ethics

Business law is U.S. law and will include contracts, product liability, employment and types of business ownership. The ethics component involves evaluating competing social values that may reasonably be argued from either side. 


Entrepreneurship includes the ability to recognize opportunities and to act on them, determine needs, identify markets, utilize marketing research, identify sources of capital and use management skills. 

Financial Services

Financial services refer to services offered in the finance industry by financial institutions. Concepts include understanding the source and purpose of financial statements, the impact of management decisions on statements, and the analysis and interpretation of data for planning purposes. 

Hospitality Services

Hospitality services include marketing and management functions and tasks that can be applied in hotels, motels, lodging services, convention services, and food and beverage services. 

Travel and Tourism

Travel and tourism includes marketing and management functions and tasks that can be applied in enterprises engaged in passenger transportation, travel service, attracting and serving the traveling public, arranging tours or acting as independent ticket agencies, and other services incidental to the travel or tourism industry. 

Buying and Merchandising

Buying and merchandising positions get the product into the hands of the customer through forecasting, planning, buying, displaying, selling and providing customer service. 

Marketing Management

Marketing management includes marketing and management functions and tasks that can applied broadly in a non-retail marketing environment. 

Sports and Entertainment Marketing

Sports and entertainment marketing includes marketing functions and tasks that can be applied in amateur or professional sports or sporting events, entertainment or entertainment events, selling or renting of supplies and equipment (other than vehicles) used for recreational or sporting purposes or products and services related to hobbies, leisure or cultural events. 

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