Community Outreach

Preparing the next generation of leaders to be community orientated is one DECA's guiding principles and one of the four points on the outside of the DECA diamond. In SD DECA, we aim to increase the impact our chapters have on their communities inside and outside of the organization. To do this, chapters are encouraged to participate in state wide volunteering opportunities as well as start their own chapter events that will benefit their community.

This year, members from three chapters joined a city wide event called Rake the Town that serves individuals within their community over the age of 60 who do not have family available in the area to help with their yard work and are not financially or physically able to do the work themselves. Through this event, SD DECA members were able to have an IMPACT on families throughout their community.

SD DECA aims to spread awareness for the importance of helping out our communities throughout SD DECA. We hope that we can continue to impact communities across South Dakota and encourage our chapters to do the same.