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2024 ICDC Pin Design Contest

Represent South Dakota DECA at the 2024 DECA International Career Development Conference in Anaheim, California, by designing our state pin. The winning pin design will be worn to identify South Dakota DECA members. It will be chosen for its ability to catch one's eye and show South Dakota DECA pride. The winner will receive additional pins for ICDC to exchange and the opportunity to attend ICDC.




1. Contestants will design a DECA pin that can be worn on blazers, jackets, shirts, sweaters, or blouses. Leadership and professionalism should be a consideration when designing the pin. 


2. The design must reference the state of South Dakota. This may be in the form of the shape and/or letters of the state of South Dakota.  Designs that reference the National DECA theme of "Experience the Difference" are preferred, but not mandatory. 


3. Designs should grab one's attention, show originality and creativity.  Designs may be computer generated or hand drawn by the DECA MEMBER. Designs may not be done professionally by an outside source. 

4. The design may be square, rectangular, diamond, star, circular, oval, octagon, hexagon or triangular. 

5. The actual pin will range from 3/4" to 2". The size and amount of letters in the design should be taken into consideration for a letter on a 10-inch piece of paper will be reduced to 1/10 of an inch on a 1" pin. Therefore, less letter and greater size is recommended for a more legible pin. The cost effectiveness of producing the pin and design is also a consideration. 


1. The design must be submitted digitally (.png or .jpg) and fit on an 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper. The colors should be decided by the contestant. Email the design to by midnight on Wednesday, February 7, 2024. 

2. The design will be reviewed prior to the conference for appropriateness and to keep production costs low. 

3. Your design will be on display at SCDC. Each DECA member will be given one ticket to vote for their favorite design. The winning design will be announced during the awards ceremony at SCDC. 

4. South Dakota DECA reserves the right to make changes to the design to keep production costs low. 

5. All pin designs become the property of South Dakota DECA. When a contestant enters a design, they relinquish all rights for the sale and use of the design to South Dakota DECA. 

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